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Welcome to Emmons Tropical Fish & Pond online.  We hope you enjoy our new web site. Our in-store expertise and strong relationships with suppliers and distributors, allows us to provide you with numerous possibilities. This means we have great buying power when it comes to finding you a great deal on what you want. And, we have access to unique brands not available to the major chains. If these reasons alone don't convince you we are your perfect pet store and garden pond center, we stock an enormous amount of supplies. We're not just here to make sales- we are here to help you and form partnerships in the care of our pets. That's our commitment to you!

freshwater & saltwater livestock

Emmons Tropical Fish offers a variety of freshwater and saltwater livestock. Freshwater options include both coldwater and tropical species for your aquarium or pond. Some coldwater choices include imported and domestic fantail goldfish, comets and shebunkins, and koi. Tropical varieties encompass cichlids, both African and South American, gouramis, barbs, angels, tetras, loaches, catfishes, and plecostamus. In addition we carry a large assortment of aquarium and pond plants.

With over 200 display aquariums, you must see our selection to believe it.

With over 200 display aquariums . . .

. . . you must see our selection to believe it

Emmons has over 200 aquariums full of premium quality freshwater and salt water fish, great for all levels of pet owners and hobbyists. We are your complete source for fresh water fish, salt water fish and marine life. With an incredible selection of fish, Emmons is committed to delivering you the best quality, heartiest marine fish.

For all your supply needs . . .

. . .we have one of the largest supply inventories available

Find the latest fish and pet supplies at Emmons. With aquariums, filters, pumps, lights, décor, fish food, plant life and more, we offer the products and accessories you need for the perfect tank setup. Our expert staff will help you find the best solution for a fun and healthy aquarium environment. Stop in today and see how we can help you.

We have everything to

sustain a healthy pond environment

Water features have always provided points of interest in garden displays, and more and more gardeners and hobbyists have been creating them in their own yards. Emmons Tropical Fish has kept expanding with this widening interest, adding onto our outdoor pond yard over the years. We now have more than 12 fish-holding systems with many sizes and varieties of koi, comets, and fantails.

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The staff at Emmons is knowledgeable and friendly and has over 125 years of combined experience. That's right over 125 years! Rest assured that any of our staff will be glad to help make the right decisions!


Steve Emmons

Steve has over 30+ years with Emmons and has been the owner since 1987


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As our Systems Manager, Jeff has over 25+ years with Emmons


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Pam has over 25+ years since she joined Emmons in 1988.


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As our In Store Manager, David has over 30+ years with Emmons


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As a Service Specialist, Tony has over 12+ years with Emmons


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